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  • Nava- Varsha Utsav and 319th Satsang Ritwik Conference - CANCELLED

    13th & 14th April, 2020, Monday &Tuesday - Nava-Varsha Utsav & Satsang Ritwik Conference - CANCELLED


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Rain water harvesting at SATSANG, Deoghar in unpaved area (in front of Anandabazar ground)

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At the onset of the 'novel corona virus’ being declared a pandemic, government directives have been issued to discourage & restrict huge public gatherings. Following that, 'Nava-varsha Purushottama Swasti-tirtha Mahayagna & Ritwik conference' to be held at Deoghar Satsang Ashram on 13th & 14th April 2020 has been cancelled. All are informed hereby to observe Govt. directives avoiding mass-gatherings and being aware of the situation create awareness among others of your environment as well. Those having any symptom of cough, cold, fever, etc. should confine themselves from others.

The Love-Lord Himself alerts in His message—
“Remain separated at the time of illness
In any manner don’t spread,
Through contagion you will be harassed
Be careful so as not to circulate.”
[Anushruti- 1/Health & Hygiene/16, translated]

Secretary, Satsang
13th March, 2020

 NOTICE UPDATE - 24-03-2020